This tool provides two Upper and Lower boxes.

4. For example, to write "भारत" you should type "bhaarat" and then press SPACE key.

So let's try it out now from below.

After you type a word in English and hit a space bar key, the word will be transliterated into Marathi.

IndiaFont Keyboard: Easy Typing Software. . Using an English keyboard, type your marathi words and press the space bar; your English typed words will be converted to marathi.


It's Free, Fast and Accurate Marathi typing software. Type using English keyboard in the box given below. .

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* No keyboard configuration.

You can easily use this website to type a word, phrase, or sentence in English to quickly type in the Marathi language.

You can start typing in Marathi on the left-hand text area and then click on the "Translate" button. .

Google Input Marathi Marathi typing software online (Google-powered) Marathi Typing – ISM Marathi typing software free download; EnglishtoMarathiTyping. It's Free, Fast and Accurate Marathi typing software.

No need to mess up with Marathi Keyboard layout, font and licensee software.

Also, thanks to a Christian missionary called William Carey, Marathi grammar got standardized.

Type using English keyboard in the box given below.

Free Download. You can also visit our homepage to type in Marathi. .

. . For type in Marathi language you will need a software for Marathi typing. आपण, आपल्यासाठी वैयक्तिकृत केलेले. Online text editor.

No need to learn the new keyboard pattern to write in your language.

1. Online Marathi Typing.

Offline Marathi typing; English to Marathi Converter; Online Marathi Typing Language.


Just type and copy and paste.


Easy and fast Hindi-Marathi Typing.